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example(s) -- Tower of Babel

In the Tower of Babel project, shown above, multimedia material was projected from within buildings, on the windows, to the outside. Local citizens in a neighbourhood in Amsterdam where approached to submit material that expressed their emotions of daily life, with the question what moves you. The text and photograms could be submitted either by email or SMS. Also workshops were held, during which particpants could develop material. This material was then edited and prepared for projection, using 40 carroussel dia-projectors, taking about 2000 images, and six beamers projecting images and video. Also sound material, that was collected in the same manner, was being used during the projection.


Inside view of Tower of Babel project.


The centre of the location, a somewhat impoverished neighbourhood near the centre of Amsterdam, is a building dating from 1926, originally an antroposofic temple, that once served as a cinema for avant-garde movies, and is now being used as a library. The buildings surrounding it are, if not split up into apartments, being used as a local youth centre, a city archive and another library.
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