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Do you recognize this?

When we visit a contemporary art exhibition, we find ourselves before the works, which are often quite difficult to interpret, and we observe them without understanding the process that generated them. Between a chopped-up cow immersed in formaldehyde and a replica of the Pope blindsided by a meteorite, it's legitimate to ask questions.

To provide a counter-force the exhibiton Project Room challenges the usual exhibition routine and decides to not exhibit executed art works but rather offers ten self-interviewing videos by as many artists, who speak openly about a piece they are working on, or a visionary project they want to realize, or about their creative process.

In other words, this is about works of art with no physical manifestion. It is an interesting issue whether this would still count as a work of art. And for multimedia, is there multimedia without a physical manifestation, with sensorily impressing the user/client. Do you remember the children story, the New Clothes of the Emperor?

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