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In the hush we explore a variety of hypermedia applications. In fact already in 1994 we developed a SGML-based browser with applets in Tcl/Tk. Somehow, we did a lot with music with optimistic titels such as Bringing music to the Web,  [Music] and more pessimistic ones such as Jamming (on) the Web,  [Jamming]. The acronym hush stands for hyper utility shell. Many of the projects with hush were student projects, in which we studied operational support for hypermedia applications. Although we used SGML for markup, we did not have any specific document model, as in  [CMIF]. An overview and rationale of hush is given in  [OO]. A significant part of the hush software is being reused in the ViP system, that is discussed in section 4.3, albeit with an entirely different presentation technology.
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