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example(s) -- intimate media

From the company that used the slogan "let's make things better", and now advertises its products with "sense and simplicity", there is the MIME project, not to be confused with the multipart internet mail standard, which focusses on Multiple Intimate Media Environments. As concepts embodying their ideas they propose, among other:

intimate media object(s)

  1. glow tags -- a subtle way to trigger the person who has placed it or who sees it
  2. living scrap book -- to capture and collect information and media digitally
  3. picture ball -- as an object of decoration and a focus for storytelling
  4. lonely planet listener -- enabling people to listen to a real time connection to another place
On a more abstract level, seven core qualities are identified which capture the essence of the intimate media experience:

intimate media experience(s)

As can be read on their website: intimate media describes the things that people create and collect to store and share their personal memories, interests and loves. And: intimate media is central to how people make sense of their world by representing roots, heritage and a sense of belonging, achievement and connection.
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