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example(s) -- Monet's Nympheas

One of the recommendations I make to everyone who is planning to go to Paris is to visit Monet's Waterlilies which are exhibited in a small gallery near the Louvre. Monet, at that time at the at of his career, living in Giverney, was well aware of the paradoxical nature of his Herculean effort. As stated in  [VirtualArt]:

mass medium

thus, one year after Monet's death and fifty years after his Impression soleil levant, a late example of modern art reached the changed artistic landscape of the 1920's, transported in a derivative of the mass medium for images in the 19th century.

Being one of the innovators of painting in the early twentieth century, Monet nevertheless endeavored in painting panorama-wide paintings, with an aestehics of illusionistic immersiveness, however with a painterly touch so refined that this series of works easily trancends the ordinary illusionism of its predecessors. Monet himself might have seen it as an exercise to improve his painterly craft to the limits of perfection.

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