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example(s) -- pizza boy

Did you like to go to a theatre play, when you were sixteen? Peter van Kessel, one of the speakers in our visual design develeped a game pizza boy to overcome the resistance of secondary school students to theatre. The game, developed by Peter's agency Headland, introduced elements of the theatre play in a game setting. The player must deliver pizzas, riding a scooter, and finds him/herself in a situations where he/she must enact a role or perform some actions, related to the theatre play. Visiting the theatre, there is a MIDI-enabled scooter with which the students can play the game, in preparation for the actual play (image on the right in the figure above). Peter reported that the game did indeed help to overcome the scepticism these yougsters had with theatre.

The game was implemented by the Little Chicken Game Company, with Virtools. It was available for download at the website of the governmental department that initiated the development of the game, but became such a huge success, also with other people than the original target group, that it had to be taken offline.

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