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The dutch visual sensations festival is an annual contest for VJs. In 2005, in cooperation with the festival, a parallel seminar seminar was held discussing the topic of the history of VJ-ing, a aplenary discussion of the relation between club-VJs and the established art circuit. In addition there were two guest speakers, Geert Mul and Micha Klein, both visual artists who also have a ten-years experience as VJ.



Above is another work of Geert Mul, in cooperation with DJ Speedy J. It was shown a dance event in cooperation with Rotterdam Maritime Museum. On the right, the cranes are swinging on the rhythm of the music.

The portfolio of Geert Mul starts with a quote from  [Film]:

form and content

Very often people assume that "form" as a concept is the opposite of something called "content". This assumption implies that a poem or a musical piece or a film is like a jug. An external shape, the jug, contains something that could just as easily be held in a cup or pail. Under this assumption, form becomes less important than whatever it is presumed to contain.

We do not accept this assumption. If form is the total system, which the viewer attributes to the film, there is no inside or outside. Every component functions as part of the overall pattern that is perceived. Thus we shall treat as formal elements many things that some people consider content. From our standpoint, subject matter and abstract ideas all enter into the total system of the artwork ( .... )

I totally agree with this. And perhaps this is why I have a preference for artworks that are slightly out of the main stream of tradional art.

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