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Ever thought of becoming a conservator? Seattle Artmuseum's Conservator Studio gives you the opportunity to explore this career options:

Explore four paintings from the Mexican Modernism exhibition through the eyes of a conservator (what's a conservator? you'll find that out too!). You'll have a new perspective on the paintings as well as how they are handled and prepared for display.

The illustrations above show what occurs when manipulating transmitted light on the painting Self-Protrait with Braid, oil on canvas, from the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. As explained in the accompanying text: when a light is shone through this painting one can see that the hair and the flesh areas are painted with thin layers of paint.

These series of images are part of an interactive flash application developed by the Seattle Artmuseum to engage the general audience in the conservation of art, and to arouse an interest in art in general. The application allows the user to experiment with the various techniques used for the analysis and conservation of oil paintings.

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