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example(s) -- tangible virtual museum

Don't touch that! Keep your hands off! This is what you often hear parents shouting at their children in a museum or gallery exhibit. More often, however, precious artifacts, ceramics, porcelain or bronzes, are stored away in glass showcases, precluding any kind of physical interaction, and many times a proper look as well.

To remedy this situation, researchers from the Academia Sinica and the National Cheng Kung University have developed a tangible photorealistic virtual museum, a system for real-time interaction with photorealistic museum artifacts, which allows for an immersive experience using tangible interfaces, in the form of a 3D control cube (image left),  [Tangible]. The display is a kiosk-like system showing a panoramic view of the exhibit, augmented with a collection of perspective photographs for each object. The user may examine any of the objects by using a handheld control cube (PCC) to control size and rotation of the object.

As indicated, the system is not 3D mesh-based but image-based, which allows for high resolutions on mid-range platforms, which would not be feasible according to the authors, when using 3D modelling techniques.

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