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The Reality of TV news project by Peter Frucht uses an interesting mix of technology: In the project, as phrased by Peter Frucht, the permanent flow of the alternating adverts and news reports are captured live and displayed in a 3D virtual-reality installation. The currently captured audio and video data is displayed on the surface of 3D shapes as short loops. The stream enters the 3D universe piece by piece (like water drops), in this way it is getting displaced in time and space - news reports and advertising will be displayed partly in the same time. By colliding to each other the 3D shapes exchange video material. This re-editing mixes the short loops together, for instance some pieces of advertising will appear while the newsreader speaks.

The software was developed by Martin Bouma, Anthony Augustin and Peter Frucht himself, with jdk 1.5, java3d 1.31, Java Media Framework 2.1.1e. The primary technological background of the artist, Peter Frucht, was the book CodeArt,  [CodeArt], by his former professor from the Media Art School in Cologne, Germany. The book is unfortunately only available in German, and should be translated in English!

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