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Digital Convergence

P. Forman & R.W. SaintJohn (Sc. Am. 35-40)


the receiver at the RCA Pavillon was way ahead of its time, it was a combination of television - radio - recorder - playback - facsimile - projector ...

(that in hindsight suggests that we humans have a fundamental desire to merge all media in one entity)

digital convergence

the union of audio, video and data communication into a single source, received on a single device, delivered by a single connection

predicted for decades, convergence is finally emerging, albeit in a haphazard fashion

subsidiary convergences

If compatibility standards and data protection schemas can be worked out, all d-entertainment will converge into a single source that can shine into your life on any screen, whereever you are ...

Observation: the number of competing standards and architectures is enormous!


The convergence of digital content, broadcast distribution and display platforms create the big convergence of d-entertainment and information with feedback supporting human interactivity.


digital television


digital television (2)

set top boxes

(standard) codecs for d-TV

a killer d-TV appliance ...


streaming media -- poor resolution

TV or PC

The roadblock to the Entertainment PC could be the PC itself. Even a cheap TV doesn't crash or freeze. The best computers still do.

The Entertainment TV

It might make sense to adopt a programmable PC that can support competing TV standards, rather than construct a stack of TV peripherals.



digital convergence

What will we do with convergence once we have it?

ubiqutous computing


We Will Watch

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