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culturalization -- within the broader context of information tecnology

Ronny Siebes -- from: MyCreativity: A critique of Creative Industries

Culturalization within the broader context of information tecnology (IT) can also be read as a moment of anticipation, a tactical sidetrack in response to the long-term decline of the engineering class in the West. The hegemonic role of computer scientists as inventors can easily been understood, but wasn't going to last forever. Different fields of knowledge, from human computer interaction to usability and new media studies, have ll in their own ways proclaimed the coming of the cultural turn. With the massive outsourcing of IT jobs to countries like India we may have finally reached this point. At last, there is an economic reason to pay more attention to the economic possibilities of techno culture. There is a growing urgency felt, at least in the educational sector, to start integrating 'soft' knowledge into the hardcore IT workforce. Until recently it seemed as if programmers and multi-media designers were from Mars and Venus. The genderized identity building imposed on male coders and female designers and communications staff still had an economic base in the division of labor within firms (IT versus marketing departments). With IT outsourcing happening at such a fast pace the dominance of the male geek coder is no longer a given and there is a chance of 'cultural mingling'.

(C) Æliens 04/09/2009

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