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Dust or Magic

Dust or Magic

Secrets of successful multimedia design

Bob Hughes

Addison-Wesley 2000

Alan Kay (the great evangelist of personal computing) said

The best way to predict the future is to invent it.

but although we do invent the future, the effects of our inventions are unpredictable.

mechanized multimedia

Various artists in the 1920's built contrivances to give an immersive, multimedia experience

Some think that the operatic composer Richard Wagner was the first artist in cyberspace.

to integrate all existing art forms: music, dance, poetry, painting and architecture.

Engelbart -- the man who invented the mouse


(cyber) literature

everything is intertwingled (Ted Nelson)

Then it seems, he realized that this intertwingularity was totally at odds with the education system he'd spent so long in and had been so uncomfortable with.

there is a friction between art and science

A curriculum promotes a false simplification of any subject, cutting subjects' many interconnections and leaving a skeleton of sequence which is only a charicature of its richness and intrinsic fascination.

some history

Hamlet on the Holodeck (Janet Murray)

Interactive Video

interactivity sucks (Max Withby, 1992)

shovelware, multimediocrity, ...

human languages (Vilerski)

storification: from the path to the landscape itself

from perfection to workmanship

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