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Hamlet on the Holodeck
The future of narrative in Cyberspace

Janet Murray
The Free Press (1997)


(p. 27) ... merging previously disparate technologies of communication and representation into a single medium.

The networked computer acts like a telephone in offering one-to-one real-time communication, like a television in broadcasting moving pictures, like an auditorium in bringing groups together for lectures and discussion, like a library in offering vast amounts of textual information for reference, like a museum in its ordered presentation of visual information, like a billboard, a radio, a gameboard and even like a manuscript in its revivalof scrolling text.

4 essential properties




remember the holodeck



centralized storyteller vs decentralized (multi-agent) narrative system

video -- point to 'align with' MIT, Interacyive Cinema Group, Davenport

cyberdrama -- immersive pull (enchantment) vs (pull) of open-ended agency

imaginative engagement, juxtaposition, authored 'story?'

compelling entertainment -- force and originality we associate with original art ?

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