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Denis McQuail b& Karen Siume (eds)

Media Policy -- Convergence, Concentration and Commerce

Euromedia Research Group SAGE Publications, 1998/2000 (reprint)

Wolfgang Trutzschler -- The Internet: a new mass medium? pp. 75-94

p. 79 Policy Report of Expert group of European Commission

The information society is the society currently being put in place, where low cost information and data storage and transmission technologys are in general use.

This generalization of information and data use is being accompanied by organisational, commercial and legal innovations that will profoundly change life both in the world of work and in society generally ...

defining qualities of communication on the net

  1. multimedia -- text, voce, pictures, animation, video
  2. hypertextuality -- instead of linear text
  3. packet switching
  4. synchronicity
  5. interactivity

Internet could evolve as a mass medium: as an integrator

push vs pull

Changing media and changing society

Karin Siune

changes in media structure are, at the end of the century, still on the agenda as well as change in media content

the backbone of most media is still news, while the rest is more or less entertainment


new technological developments have taken the lead

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