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Information Spaces

information spaces

from: S.K. Chang and M.F. Costabile -- Visual Interfaces to Multimedia Databases

The Handbook of Multimedia Information Management

advances in


multimedia information systems

multimedia databases

special requirements

query mechanisms

query mechanisms

(multiparadigmatic) visual interface

design criteria

information space

In a visual interface for multimedia databases, the information stored in the database needs to be visualized in an information space.

logical information space

physical information space

information spaces

  mimic                           -- virtual reality
  reflect                         -- diagrams, icons, sketches

information spaces

The logical information space is a multidimensional space where each point represents an object from the database.

unified view of the database

dimensions = attributes

database object



both examples and queries are clues

the information retrieval problem

to construct the most desirable query with respect to the examples and clues presented by the user.

most desirable query

is the one that will retrieve the largest number of relevant database objects and whose size in the information space is relatively small

visual reasoning may help the user ...

information hyperspace

the logical information space may further be structured in a logical information hyperspace, where the clues become hyperlinks that provide directional information, and the information space can be navigated by the user following directional clues.

information is chunked, and each chunk is illustrated or made accessible by an example (hypernode) ...

one step further

let's present information in a virtual reality information space (3D)


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