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European Broadband

The advent of broadband Internet access, which has been available in the US for some time but is only now beginning to make inroads into Europe, makes a whole range of new services possible. As download speeds have increased and more bandwidth has become available, the possibility of delivering screen-based content such as films, television programs and music has moved a step closer to mass market usage.

Cable companies have established an early lead in delivering broadband to Internet users and look set to exploit this advantage over the next 12 months before DSL becomes more widely available. However, in 1999, there were 180 million conventional telephone lines across the EU compared to 45 million cable subscribers. This will provide DSL with a larger immediate potential audience as it makes use of existing copper telephone wires to offer broadband Internet access.

The report's co-author, Matthijs Leendertse, claims " Gaining competitive advantage and future revenue in Europe's broadband landscape will depend heavily on a company's ability to offer integrated services: access (fixed and wireless) and content. It is virtually impossible at this point for one single company to offer these services on a pan-European level. This means that companies need to find partners to fill the gaps in their offerings."

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