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Multimedia Semantic Web?

Web content

see CWI INS-R0025.txt

from CWI report

Second generation Web content generates HTML pages on demand, e.g. by filling in templates with content retrieved dynamically from a database or transformation of structured documents using style sheets (e.g. XSLT).

from CWI report

Third generation Web pages will make use of rich markup (e.g. XML) along with metadata (e.g. RDF) schemes to make the content not only machine readable but also machine processable --- a necessary pre-requisite to the Semantic Web.

from CWI report

While text-based content on the Web is already rapidly approaching the third generation, multimedia content is still trying to catch up with second generation techniques.

Multimedia document processing has a number of fundamentally different requirements from text which make it more difficult to incorporate within the document processing chain.

In particular, multimedia transformation uses different document and presentation abstractions, its formatting rules cannot be based on text-flow, it requires feedback from the formatting back-end and is hard to describe in the functional style of current style languages.

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