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server-php-xml-class-rss-parser-rssdump.php / php

      <title>RSS Dump</title>
          body, pre > b { font-size: medium; }
          pre { font-size: small; }
  // This example shows how the RSS_parser class can be used.
  rss = new RSS_parser();
  ch = rss->get_channel_data();
  ch_im = rss->get_channel_image_data();
  ch_ti = rss->get_channel_textinput_data();
  items = rss->get_items_data();
  // Print the information here:
  <b>Channel data:</b><br/>
  <? print_r(ch) ?>
  <b>Channel image data:</b><br/>
  <? print_r(ch_im) ?>
  <b>Channel textinput data:</b><br/>
  <? print_r(ch_ti) ?>
  <b>Items data:</b><br/>
  foreach(items as item) {
      echo "----<br/>\n";
      foreach(item as key=>val) {
          echo "<b>key:</b> val\n";

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