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  dr A. Eliëns
  Vrije Universiteit, FEW/Informatica, De Boelelaan 1081, 1081 HV Amsterdam
The multimedia-related curricula originated from research and education in software engineering. However, they have now obtained a more independent status. For my qualifications in the area of multimedia, you may inspect my CV.


The are two curricula in which multimedia topics play an important role:


These curricula differ in their focus on respectively content and technology development.


In summary, our curricula cover:


Dependent on the individual interest and capabilities of the student, these elements may have different weights.


In the broad range of multimedia applications, we focus on:


However, application domains such as video monitoring and digital storytelling have also be touched upon.

courses -- multimedia

The courses that I am responsible for are:

courses -- multimedia

Due to institutional re-organisations, however, changes may occur in the not so distant future.

facilities/technology -- multimedia zaal

Recently, the beginning of 2005, a well-equipped multimedia practicum room has been realized, with high performance computers, with double screens and a powerful GPU, as well as a rich collection of software, including:

facilities/technology -- multimedia zaal

The multimedia zaal also has facilities for projection, and a 5-1 surround sound system.

research context

report activities 2004-2006


Our mission statement is:

... to study aspects of the deployment and architecture of virtual environments as an interface to (intelligent) multimedia information systems

As a follow up on our intelligent multimedia research, in which we developed a platform for intelligent agents in 3D virtual space, we now focus on the use of game technology for immersive serious applications, in particular:

game technology

This research is, at the moment of writing, still in its inceptive and explorative phase, and primarily done in cooperation with students as part of the regular multimedia courses or individual projects. In the past we have investigated intelligent multimedia. Nowadays, our focus changed to high-performance multimedia, and game applications using state-of-the-art game SDKs.


A number of examples of student's work, as well as research related demos, are available online:
The more recent explorations of game technology are not available online, but can be demonstrated on request.


The introduction multimedia syllabus, entitled topical media & game development covers all the background material and contains also a rationale of the educational and research activities that fall under my supervision.