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(P)IM 2009 -- (project) interactive multimedia / roundup(s) / VU @ youtube

in the past: 2008

interactive video: use(s) flash player 10.x
ximpel: media configuration playlist
graph: story/interaction structure
clip: viral trailer

production(s) -- 26 june 2009 -- ximpel interactive media / essay(s) / review(s) / evaluation(s)


(1) All clips have been re-converted into a common flv format, thus in some case sacrificing the original resolution, and possibly introducing unwanted conversion artefacts. For the original clips we refer to the respective groups' website.


(2) The supervisors are not to be held responsible for the content of the (interactive) media presentations. The groups themselves are assumed to issue approproate warning(s) whenever their presentation contains politically, ethically, or otherwise controversial material.

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