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game @ VU -- developing a masterclass for high-school students using the Half-life 2 SDK

A. Eliëns, S.V. Bhikharie


In this paper, we will describe our experiences with developing a masterclass game development for 14-16 year old high-school students at the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam. For the masterclass, we developed a game using the Half-life 2 SDK, called VU-life 2, for which we created a realistic level covering part of the faculties premisses, as well as a simple assignment (of a non-violent nature) that the high school students had to complete before developing their own (variation on a) game level. Our experiences indicate that the moderately complex task of developing a game level using the Half-life 2 SDK is feasible, provided that the instructions and assignments are sufficiently well-focused.
keywords: game development, Half-life 2 SDK, education.

(C) Æliens 04/09/2009

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