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Web3D Product Demo

assignment 19 septlogo, for the identification of the group
assignment 216 septsimple product, with manipulation
assignment 323 septproduct, with demo by animation
assignment 430 septproduct line, with suitable environment

Infotainment VR -- special theme: XIMPEL / Clima Futura

concept23 septculture, entertainment, commerce, tools
application14 octsemi-final version (including annotation and guided tour)


Practical work may be done in groups of at most two students. It is possible to the first (product demo) assignment individually and to seek cooperation for the second (infotainment) application.


Groups must present their work on a web site, with clear references to both .wrl files as well as the text of the code.

The (www) directory must be readable and may not contain links.

supervision & support

in principle during the lectures or by individual appointments with either the supervisor or assistant


Deadlines are indicated above. The deadlines are semi-hard. That is, the product demo deadlines must strictly be kept. When deadlines are not met, students may be disallowed further participation.


The practicum coordinator is not responsible for the content of the material produced by students. If there is any doubt, indicate that the material may possibly not be suited for a particular audience.

[_] readme register participant(s) college practicum resource(s) _ # @ !

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