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Reader's Guide

To use the online version try to click on every icon that you see, until you get the pattern.

When clicking on the caption of a slide, you will enter slide mode, for that particular slide.
For example:

Click at the Caption to enter Presentation Mode

When the letters remain small (as happens for Netscape 4.5 and higher on both Sun Solaris and SGI Irix) change to a different browser or platform for presenting the material, e.g. Windows 95/98/NT.

slide: Example Slide

When you click on the title of a section, you will usually enter the Presentation or Talk mode. Clicking on right side bar brings you to the next slide.

Show mode is the default. Click on a chapter's heading on the contents page to leave Presentation mode and get back in Show mode.

By convention, the contents page can be reached by clicking the [.] located at the left of the bar at the top and/or bottom of the page.

A more detailed explanation of the usage of the DejaVU Online material is available in the DejaVU Online Tutorials.

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