Trends and technologies

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The Power of Abstraction

Project Failures

slide: Object-Orientation: The power of abstraction

Themes and Variations

  • abstraction -- the object metaphor
  • modeling -- structure and behavior

The heritage of Simula

slide: Themes and Variations

  • architecture -- mastering complexity
  • frameworks -- patterns for problem solving
  • components -- scalable software

See Object Speak and Features of OOP

slide: Themes and Variations

How to survive the Web revolution?

Beyond Object-Orientation?: 6 7 8

slide: How to survive the Web revolution?

The Object Web

slide: The Object Web

Recurring questions

Web Applications
  • What is the economic model?
  • Does it scale?
  • Can you maintain the stuff?
  • Is there an installed base?
Web Applications

slide: Recurring questions