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Intelligent Multimedia Replay


When we go back 10 years or so, public safety organizations such as police and ambulance only used audio communications, mostly based on trunked radio (walkie-talkies). However, these days, multimedia is everywhere: all police cars have cameras on board; a crime scene is completely captured using photos and video; and even alarm numbers such as 911 are extended with multimedia capabilities (for example in the 911 NG project).

The problem with this large amount of media is that it is difficult to get the important information out of it. For example, a video of a crime scene can take up to a few hours and watching the complete video from start to end is probably not the best approach. It would be much better if a video could be enhanced with metadata in order to have a more intelligent way to navigate through it.

The main goal of this "afstudeerproject" is to investigate how videos (and other media elements) can be enhanced in such a way that intelligent replay is possible. This will make it possible, for example to police officers, to analyze a big incident or crime case. As a proof of concept, the main ideas of such an intelligent replay support tool must be implemented in a prototype version in order to get feedback from the future users of such tools.

About CyberTech

CyberTech Internal is a global company, headquartered in Alkmaar, The Netherlands, with offices all over the globe. CyberTech offers voice recording solutions for the financial world, but also for contact centers and public safety (police, ambulance, etc).

CyberTech HQ in Alkmaar has a Research & Development department of 40+ people who are successfully building software solutions that are used by big companies and institutions all over the world.

For more information, please visit: www.cybertech-int.com

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