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game event description form


game event description

name of eventgive a meaningful name
event-idfor administrators only
type (generic/specific) game/model/video
causegame play/simulation/exploration
feedback/informationgive a logical description
player actionsindicate all (logical) player options
description of visualsfor both feedback/information and player options
additional information give a url with references to additional informatin and visuals
relates to event(s)give id's or descriptions of related events


source: form, game.php ( game / model / video )


game event -- (generic game event) -- periodic update

nameperiodic turn
typegeneric game event
causeturn after 16 years (game time)
feedbackinformation about model parameters
player actions(a) modify input model parameters (b) play minigame (c) access information
visualstables about current, video of political issues (dependent on state of the world)
relatedminigames, video events
remarksoutline of regular (4 year period) turntaking

game event -- (generic model event) -- disaster

nameglobal disaster
typegeneric model event
causeexceeding treshhold of model parameter
feedbackabout regional conditions
player actions(a) play selected minigame (b) adapt model parameters
visualsvideo about regional disaster, indicating limited choice of mini games
related eventsminigames: m-x12, ...
remarksdisasters should be relevant to (game) time and selected region

game event -- (generic video event) -- regional development

nameinfo narrative
typegeneric video event
causescreen selection in video
feedbackinformation about geographic location
player actions(a) eaccess additional information (b) return to main video
visualsvideo about regional context, overview of local resources
relatedminigames for regional development
remarksapplies to both both political as human interest video fragments

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