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intelligent multimedia research at VU

In our group we have developed a platform for intelligent multimedia, based on X3D/VRML and the distributed logic programming language DLP.
See www.cs.vu.nl/~eliens/research/papers/title-platform.html On top of this platform we have implemented STEP, a cripting language for H-anim humanoids based on dynamic logic, which we presented at the Web3D symposium: Zhisheng Huang, Anton EliŽns, and Cees Visser , Implementation of a scripting language for VRML/X3D-based embodied agents, Proc. Web3D 2003 Symposium, Saint Malo France, S. Spencer (ed.) ACM Press, pp. 91-100

For more publications:

technical issues

For our research we have (thus far) used the blaxxun Contact3D plugin, augmented with DLP using the Java EAI. For a description of DLP see

Both STEP and DLP are quite resource intensive, in particular wrt the usage of threads. Currently, we run into problems having to do with synchronization and timing. When we try to reduce the number of Java threads, by 'pushing down some of the interpolations to built-in VRML primitives, we encounter the phenomenon that the execution of the Interpolators is severly hampered by having even only one thread. We are looking for solutions to deal with the complexity of STEP and DLP, and in particular the 'thread problem'. So we would like to experiment with the Openworlds technology to see whether this technology allows for better control over thread priority and synchronization.

Some of our experiments are listed in:
See also: www.cs.vu.nl/~eliens/research/note-gestures.html

For further information, contact me at: eliens@cs.vu.nl

Anton Eliens

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