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structured hypermedia

principal researcher: J. van Ossenbruggen
promotion: 10/4/2001
thesis: Structured hypermedia -- a matter of style
supervision: dr. A. Eliëns, prof. dr. J.C. van Vliet
collaboration(s): dr. L .Hardman and dr L. Rutledge (CWI)
status: finished

project description

The project started with the construction of a software framework for developing web-based hypermedia applications, the hush library. A number of prototype multimedia applications were built, exploring the extension of web-based hypertext with for example music and video. In cooperation with members of the CWI Multimedia Group, work was done on developing models for hypermedia applications. This cooperation resulted in the formalization of the Amsterdam Hypermedia Model, an extension of the Dexter Hypertext Reference Model.

selected publications

A. Eliëns,, Hush -- a C++ API for Tcl/Tk,, The X Resource, Issue 14, April 1995, pp. 111-155
J. van Ossenbruggen en A. Eliëns,, Music in Time-based Hypermedia,, Proc. European Conference on Hypermedia Technology 1994, pp. 224-227
J.R. van Ossenbruggen and A. Eliëns, Bringing music to the Web, Proc. of the Fourth International World Wide Web Conference -- The Web Revolution, December 1995. World Wide Web Journal, O'Reilly and Associates, Inc., pp. 309-314
Anton Eliëns, Jacco van Ossenbruggen, and Bastiaan Schönhage, Animating the Web --- An SGML-based Approach, In: The Internet in 3D --- Information, Images and Interaction Academic Press, 1997 pp. 75-96
Anton Eliëns, Martijn van Welie, Jacco van Ossenbruggen, and Bastiaan Schönhage, Jamming (on) the Web, Proceedings of the 6th International World Wide Web Conference --- Everone, Everything Connected, O'Reilly and Associates, Inc., April 1997, pp. 419--426
Jacco van Ossenbruggen, Lynda Hardman, Lloyd Rutledge, and Anton Eliëns, Style Sheet Support for Hypermedia Documents, Hypertext'97 --- The Eighth ACM Conference on Hypertext ACM Press, 1997, pp 2 16-217
J. van Ossenbruggen, A. Eliëns, L. Rutledge and L. Hardman, Requirements for Multimedia Markup and Style Sheets on the World Wide Web, Proceedings of the Seventh International World Wide Web Conference (WWW7), in Computer Networks and ISDN Systems, volume 30,Elsevier Science B.V., April 1998, pp 694-696

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