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interactive visualisation

project funding: USF SINS
principal researcher: S.P.C. Schönhage
promotion: 8/5/2001
thesis: Diva: Architectural Perspectives on Information Visualization
supervision: dr. A. Eliëns, prof. dr. J.C. van Vliet
collaboration(s): ASZ Research and Development
status: finished

project description

The theme of the subproject concerned the use of animations and visualisation to display business process simulation results in a hypermedia context. During the project the focus shifted towards visualisation, in particular business visualisation. Also, explorations were done to investigate interactive visualisation in 3D. In Schönhage's thesis several case studies can be found illustrating the use of visualisation to support business processes and in particular decision making processes.

selected publications

A. Eliëns, F. Niessink, S.P.C. Schönhage, J.R. Vosse, P. Nash, Support for BPR -- simulation, hypermedia and the Web, Proceedings Euromedia'96, Euromedia, London 1996
B. Schönhage, A. Eliëns, Multi-user visualization: a CORBA/Web-based approach, Int. Conf. on Digital Convergence: the future of the Internet and WWW, British Computer Society, Bradford, UK, 20-23 april 1998, 9 pgs
B. Schönhage, P.P. Bakker, A. Eliëns, So many users, so many perspectives, IFIP 12.2 Working Conference on Designing Effective abd Uasable Multimedia Systems, Fraunhofer Institute. Stuttgart Germany, Sept. 8-10, 1998, Kluwer Academic, pp. 159-172
B. Schönhage and A. Eliëns, Dynamic and Mobile VRML Gadgets, In Proc. VRML99, 23 - 26 February 1999, Paderborn, Germany
S.P.C. Schönhage, A. van Ballegooij, A. Eliëns, 3D Gadgets for Business Process Visualization: a case study, VRML/Web 3D - 2000, Monterey CA, Febr 2000
Bastiaan Schönhage and Anton Eliëns, Management through Vision: a case study towards requirements of BizViz, International Conference on Information Visualization 2000 (IV 2000) London, England 19-21 July, 2000

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