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intelligent multimedia

principal researchers: dr. A.Eliëns, dr. Z. Huang
programmer: drs. C. Visser
funding: NWO WASP (612-60-003), NWO RIF (612-61-607)
cooperation(s): drs. A. van Ballegooij (CWI), dr. L. Rutledge (CWI), prof. dr. P. de Bra (TUE/CWI), dr. Z. Ruttkay (CWI)
status: ongoing

project description

We are developing a high-level platform for 3D virtual environments based on agent-technology, using the languages DLP, Java, and VRML. This work is done in the context of the NWO WASP and RIF projects. Our goal is to study aspects of the deployment and architecture of virtual environments as an interface to multimedia information systems. As demonstrators we have developed a distributed soccer-game prototype with intelligent autonomous avatar-embodied agents as players.

research directions

The intelligent multimedia research theme may be regarded as continuing the subprojects described before. In addition it combines research wrt. intelligent agents and virtual worlds, as defined for respectively the WASP and RIF projects. Currently, our efforts are directed towards realizing the technology needed for developing intelligent multimedia applications. This technology is intended to be used, among others, for student projects. In particular, we aim for developing demonstrators in the area of persuasive technology, and thus explore design methods and patterns for the realization of emotionally charged virtual worlds. This work is being done in cooperation with dr. C. Dormann and dr. Z. Ruttkay from CWI.

selected publications

A. Eliëns, Distributed Logic Programming for Artificial Intelligence, AI Communications Vol. 4 No. 1, 1991, pp. 11-21
Zhisheng Huang, Anton Eliëns, Alex van Ballegooij, Paul De Bra, A Taxonomy of Web Agents, IEEE Proceedings of the First International Workshop on Web Agent Systems and Applications (WASA '2000), 2000.
Lloyd Rutledge, Alex van Ballegooij and Anton Eliëns, Virtual Context - relating paintings to their subject, Culture Track of WWW9 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Tuesday, May 16th, 2000
Cees Visser, Anton Eliëns, A High-Level Symbolic Language for Distributed Web Programming, Internet Computing 2000, June 26-29, Las Vegas
A. van Ballegooij and A. Eliëns, Navigation by Query in Virtual Worlds, Web3D 2001 Conference, Paderborn, Germany, 19-22 Feb 2001
Zhisheng Huang, Anton Eliëns, and Paul De Bra, An Architecture for Web Agents, Proceedings of the Conference EUROMEDIA 2001, 2001.
Zhisheng Huang, Anton Eliëns, and Cees Visser, Programmability of Intelligent Agent Avatars, Proceedings of the Agent'01 Workshop on Embodied Agents, June 2001, Montreal, Canada

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