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SIM : a C++ library for Discrete Event Simulation

Dirk Bolier - Anton Eliëns
Vrije Universiteit, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
De Boelelaan 1081, 1081 HV Amsterdam, The Netherlands
email: -



In this report we give a full description of sim, a C++ library for discrete event simulation. The sim library supports both an event and process-oriented approach to developing simulations. Events as well as entities (which may be considered as objects in the simulation combining several related events and having an additional phase signifying episodes in its life-time) are provided as abstract classes that must be refined by the application programmer to define the actual events and entities participating in the simulation.

The sim library is integrated with the hush library, thus offering powerful graphic and animation facilities. However, the sim library may also be used independently, on both Unix and MS-Dos platforms.

This report presents an overview of the classes constituting the sim library as well as two standard examples and various code fragments illustrating the deployment of the classes in writing simulation programs.

Keywords: discrete event simulation, events, entities, modeling, simulation experiments, simulation animation, simulation analysis

A Eliens
Tue Oct 31 09:27:21 MET 1995