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Color-Based Object Recognition by a Grid-Connected Robot Dog

Most visionary research award

This is our 'most visionary' research award, obtained at the AI video competition of the AAAI-07 conference (July 22-26 2007, Vancouver, Canada). The objective of the AI video competition was to communicate to the world the fun of pursuing research in AI, and illustrate the impact AI applications. Submitters were asked to create narrated videos of 1-5 minutes in length, focused on interesting AI research. The creators of the best videos were presented with awards named in honor of Shakey, SRI's pioneering robot:

Our 'most visionary research' award obtained for our promotional video "Color-Based Object Recognition by a Grid-Connected Robot Dog".

Jan-Mark Geusebroek (left) and Frank Seinstra (right), with Aibo robot and Shakey trophy, in front of one of the cluster systems which is part of the world-wide Aibo Grid (i.e. the DAS-3/MultimediaN cluster at the University of Amsterdam).

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