A Web Catalogue of Rembrandt Paintings: Statistics

Number of paintings included in various Rembrandt Oeuvre Catalogues.

* The catalogue published by John Smith in 1836 [15], as part of his exensive overview of the works of 'the most eminent Dutch, Flemish, and French painters', contains over 600 entries. In the supplement to the catalogue, published in 1842, an additional 32 works are mentioned. Many of the included works, however, represent copies, etchings, engravings, or drawings after (potentially) lost originals. Others are based purely on 'ancient' descriptions from private collections and public auctions. The whereabouts of many of the described works are completely unknown, however - today, as well as in the 1830s. Therefore, the total number of 271 as given here covers only those works for which a known location has been included in the catalogue. It should be noted that Gary Schwartz gives a much higher count of 588 [30].

** In the Rembrandt literature, the number of works included by Wilhelm von Bode in his 1883 catalogue is generally stated to be 377. Hofstede de Groot correctly notes [10, page 456], however, that catalogue numbers 373-375 are used twice, such that the total count is 380 instead of 377.

*** In the literature, the total number of paintings as presented by Valentiner in his 1909 catalogue [17] differs substantially from the figure given here. Generally, a grand total of either 606 or 612 is mentioned. The actual number is somewhat lower, however. It is true that Valentiner adds a total of 17 new paintings to Bode/HdG's 595 (giving 612), while removing 6 doubted paintings altogether (giving 606). In addition, however, Valentiner moves 10 paintings to his own list of doubted works in the catalogue's appendix, resulting in the somewhat lower figure of 596.

**** As for John Smith's 1836 catalogue, the total number of 675 paintings as given for Hofstede de Groot's follow-up [10] covers only those works for which a known location has been mentioned. Note that Gary Schwartz gives a slightly lower count of 644 [30].

***** In comparison to Valentiner's 1909 catalogue, the numbers concerning his extended catalogue of 1921 [18] stated in the literature are even more confusing. The calculation, however, is straightforward. In the 1921 catalogue Valentiner moves two paintings from his earlier list of doubted paintings to the actual catalogue (nrs. 101 and 102, see p. xxiv), giving 598 in total. In addition, Valentiner introduces 103 "Wiedergefundene Gemälde" (including 2 pairs of copies, see nr. 55/56a-b, pp. 51-54, and one last-minute addition, see p. 97a), giving a total of 701. However, careful reading of the "Nachträge zu den Erläuterungen" shows that 7 newly introduced paintings (1921: p. 9, p. 16, p. 17, p. 24, p. 34, p. 41, p. 69) are presented as 'originals', effectively removing the earlier versions from the 1909 catalogue as workshop copies (1909: p. 41R, p. 12, p. 44R, p. 58L, p. 61, p. 286, and p. 363R respectively). In addition, Valentiner now also doubts or rejects 6 earlier catalogue entries (1909: p. 34, p. 35R, p. 46R, p. 99, p. 331, p. 436L). This results in a final count of 688.

****** The presented number of 340 accepted RRP paintings is an extrapolation from the RRP verdicts published in the period 1982 - 2005 [7,20]. So far, the published RRP corpus covers a total of 328 works that were also included in the Bredius/Gerson list [6]. From these 328 paintings, 171 have been accepted by the RRP, 10 are still doubted, 124 have been rejected, and 23 have been excluded altogether. Given the fact that an additional 6 paintings, which were not included in the Bredius/Gerson list, have also been accepted by the RRP, the total number of currently accepted paintings is 177. Extrapolation on the total size of the Bredius/Gerson list (630 paintings) gives an expected number of accepted RRP paintings of (177/328)*630 = 340. It should be noted that this figure differs substantially from the extrapolation of 250 given by Schwartz [30].

Number of Web Catalogue Category I paintings (total 253) per country.

Number of Web Catalogue Category I + II paintings (total 372) per country.

Production of Web Catalogue Category I & II paintings (total 372) by year.