Frank's life in half a dozen pictures

Real fame is...

Does Frank have a life outside work?

Some believe not, but...

... he has a family

.. and he loves the mountains

Below is a picture of me at the highest point of my life (in the early morning of my 33rd birthday, in fact...), on Droma Peak (6009m) in the far north-east corner of Nepal. The big mountain in the background is Kangchenjunga, with its 8598m. the third highest mountain in the world.

and in the summer of 2012 we went back to Nepal, trekking through the remote Mustang area:

(click on the image for more)

Together with the excellent Trekking Agency "Sherpa Brothers Treks". If you ever go to Nepal, I can warmly recommend them. Mention my name. (See their website, and their Facebook page)

And of course, there is always the Alps:

and the Dolomites:

And Scotland


Martin (certainly) and Anna (almost) also believe it's fun to climb mountains:


... and two life-times ago I used to juggle

Below is a picure of me juggling at a wedding-party in Slowakia.

And in the picture below, I show up as the hand in the bottom-right corner, passing clubs to Carol Orange: