The Unified Problem-solving Method Development Language UPML

Dieter Fensel
Enrico Motta
V. Richard Benjamins
Monica Crubezy
Stefan Decker
Mauro Gaspari
Rix Groenboom
William Grosso
Frank van Harmelen
Mark Musen
Enric Plaza
Guus Schreiber
Rudi Studer
Bob Wielinga

Problem-solving methods provide reusable architectures and components for implementing the reasoning part of knowledge-based systems. The Unified Problem-solving Method description Language UPML has been developed to describe and implement such architectures and components to facilitate their semiautomatic reuse and adaptation. In a nutshell, UPML is a framework for developing knowledge-intensive reasoning systems based on libraries of generic problem-solving components. The paper describes the components and adapters, architectural constraints, development guidelines, and tools provided by UPML. UPML is developed as part of the IBROW project; which provides an internet-based brokering service for reusing problem-solving methods.

(PDF paper, 721Kb)

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