Coordination points between RDF(S) and DAML+OIL.

Peter Patel-Schneider
Frank van Harmelen
after discussion in the Joint Committee

This document describes which areas of RDF and RDF Schema need attention based on our experiences with defining DAML+OIL as an extension of RDF Schema. It is input from the DAML+OIL Joint Committee to the RDF Core working group.
We discuss:

What does DAML+OIL depend on from RDF(S)

What does DAML+OIL not use at all

We have chosen to not assign semantics to the following elements of RDF and RDF Schema:

What changes does DAML+OIL require

As indicated in the
DAML+OIL reference document and as summarised in a message to the www-rdf-logic mailing list, DAML+OIL takes exception to the intended/inferred semantics of RDF Schema in three places:

What areas are problematic