About me

On 1 December 2016 I was appointed as Dean of the Faculty of Science at VU University Amsterdam. Before that I was for two years Head of the Computer Science department.

I'm still a professor at the Web & Media group of the Department of Computer Science, VU University Amsterdam, and part of the Network Institute. My interests lie in knowledge engineering, web science, and e-humanities. I like to do interdisciplinary projects. Since 2002 I've spent a considerable amount of my time chairing W3C groups in the Data area. The last group I chaired was the RDF Working Group, for which I wrote the RDF 1.1 Primer.

After my entry in 2014 into the management ranks leadership of the Web & Media research group was taking over by Professor Lora Aroyo.

Selected activities

4 October 2015: Event with our Accurator prototype in the Rijksmuseum: descriving birds in art images

Photograph of painting
"Birds on a balustrade" by Hondecoeter 1680-1690. (source)

June 2011: (in Dutch) Interview in //Collectie (magazine for libraries)

Artikel: Het nieuwe zoeken; het nieuwe vinden

4 December 2010: (in Dutch) Interview in De Volkskrant (national newspaper)

Artikel: Web 3.0 - meer vinden dan je vraagt

23 February 2010: (in Dutch) BNR News Radio, program Denktank (Think Tank)

December 2007: (in Dutch) Article in "Gewoon Bijzonder" (VY alumni magazine)

Artikel: Het slimme broertje van Google

10 February 2007: (in Dutch) Article in Vrij Nederland (national periodical)



Appointments: Simone Zindel, tel: +31 20 5987654

E-mail: guus dot schreiber at vu dot nl

Address: room F-124 (entrance through F-140), De Boelelaan 1085, 1081 HV Amsterdam