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In this paper we concern ourselves with establishing resource management policies that span multiple domains. We call such policies global. Resource management in networks involves the reservation and allocation of resources to applications, for example in the form of connections. This is true regardless of the network technology. Resource Management and Quality of Service (QoS) guarantees have been a part of ATM from the outset but are now rapidly gaining ground in IP as well. The focus of this paper is on ATM but many of the issues are equally relevant in other network technologies. We observe that there may be many policies pertaining to resource management, each of which may be suitable in certain application areas, but not in others.

We define a network management and control architecture (MCA) as the set of protocols, policies and algorithms used to control and manage a network. Sandman, the MCA described in this paper implements commonly used operations efficiently and with simple interfaces, while allowing applications to extend this basic functionality to customise according to their needs. We call such a MCA elastic.

Herbert Bos