Past projects

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Rosetta is an ERC Starting Grant project on reverse engineering of complex binaries.
The EU FP7 SYSSEC project is a a Network of Excellence in the field of Systems Security.
The EU FP7 WOMBAT project aims to develop malware collectors, analysis techniques and a repository for Internet threat analysis .
The EU FP7 FORWARD project brings together researchers in security and focuses on future threats.
The I-Code project is about an integrated real-time detection and identification toolset.
The NWO StarPlane project aims to integrate next-generation optical infrastructure in applications in an easy-to-use manner.
The (Sentinels) DeWorm project combines flow-based approaches to intrusion detection with payload scanning to detect and stop flash worms.
The (EU FP6) Noah project aims to design a Pan-European Network of Affine Honeypots that cooperate to detect intrusion attempts.
The SCALP project aims to develop a programming environment for media applications for new types of multi-core processors.
We are developing a new light-weight Unix flavoured OS, known as Minix-3. It is designed to be highly reliable, flexible, and secure.
The (EU FP6) Lobster project developed and deployed monitoring stations across Europe. See also the Ruler language for matching and rewriting and Rulerproxy for applying Ruler at application-level (after TCP reassembly).
The EU IST SCAMPI project is now finished. Its goal was to develop a scaleable monitoring platform for the Internet.
We have been fairly actively using network processors. Here is a page describing some past projects.
The Open Kernel Environment (OKE) project is now finished. However, the OKE continues to be used in various projects.
Recently, we have started using network processors for processing DNA strings. Read about it on the BioComp page.
SPLASH (SNMP Plus a Lightweight API for SNAP Handling) is how we augmented SNMP with support for mobile agents (much of the credit for this work should go to Willem de Bruijn).
Projects page: volatile info for various projects. Contains mostly work in progress, source documentation for internal use, etc.

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