IXP Projects Documentation

Here we enter all IXP project related documentation. Where needed, I would like you to add links to documentation in this file. Make sure you understand the tree structure of the projects directory (update this if you change the structure).

Most of these directories are published on the Web (have a look at: http://www.liacs.nl/~herbertb/projects/studprojects). Bear this in mind when you are adding documentation or source to this directory. Some of these directories *cannot* be read from the outside world using the Web. They are only accessible from within the institute. This is deliberate. It probably means that these directories contain information that is not fit for publication (e.g. because it is still research, contains code that is not open source, or personal information). Make sure that any directories that should not be published are similarly protected. Have a look at the directories that are currently protected to see how this is done (an example can be found in './manuals').


Description Link to document(s) Link to code, etc. (if any)
All manuals ./manuals N/A
All generic sources N/A ../src
Cross-compilation cross-compiling.txt crosscomp dir/


Keep the info up-to-date.