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Streamline is a Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam research project.

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All code is made available under a mixed GNU Lesser General Public (LGPL) and Simplified BSD license.

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Questions or comments? Send them to the mailing list. You will have to join the list before it accepts your emails, unfortunately, because open access attracts far too much spam.


Development Update

This website is archived for reference. Streamline is not in active development.

March 9th, 2014

Development Update

We've been silent as the project went into a period of maintenance mode. Work has continued over the summmer, however. At the moment I suggest using the SVN tarball over the latest release. Send me an email on the mailing list if you want me to roll a new release. Also, I'm happy to say that development is ramping up again as new users are picking up the code.

October 23rd, 2009 Released

The new release is mainly a bugfix update. It has been verified to execute all the examples correctly. Also, it adds deflate/inflate filters and allows simpler expressions: "a --expression=$EXPR" can now be written as "a $EXPR".

February 11th, 2009

Debian Etch problems discovered

As I ran the version on a computer I hadn't tried before I found some compilation issues. The system ran Debian Etch and may affect more Debian users. Note that I develop on a Ubuntu system, so users of that distribution should not see these issues.

February 11th, 2009

Screencap Videos Online

In the left menu you will find a new item called videos. Here I will upload screen captures of Streamline in action. I've uploaded the first two, which show only very basic use. Also, I put a new set of slides online that talks about Streamline.

February 11th, 2009

Examples Updated for

The examples have been updated to work with the latest version ( of Streamline.

February 11th, 2009 Released

I just released the first update to the 1.8 line, which fixes some issues in the new grammar and improves Unix process handling. Specifically, it resolves the bug where Unix processes could not be called with parameters (a fairly serious one).

February 2nd, 2009

Reminder: mailinglist is public, but you need to register

If you want help or have feedback, be sure to send us a message on the mailing list. Just remember to register as user first, otherwise your message will end up in my spambox.

February 2nd, 2009

1.8.0 Released

Today we release a new version that breaks interface compatibility with the 1.7 line. Specifically, it replaces the request language with one that is a superset of Unix pipelines and it gives the buffer API a (hopefully) unique prefix, so that the calls do not clash with application symbols.

Functionally, 1.8.0 is similar to The only change is that it builds on kernel 2.6.27. The new interface has one known bug: even though Unix processes can be integrated into streamline pipelines, parameter passing confuses the parser. I'll roll an update that fixes this issue shortly.

Note that because the interface is new, this release not as stable as the last of the 1.7 line.

January 31st, 2009

Supercomputing '08 videos online

The Team from the University of Amsterdam Interactive Networks research project have put the movies of their demo online. Interactive Networks uses Streamline as the reconfigurable component. See the videos here.

January 10th, 2009

Provider Change, Site Down

Last few days the site suffered from some hosting problems. My previous provider closed shop, which forced me to move both DNS and eventually hosting. Things should be fine from now on.

January 10th, 2009

Streamline is currently being demoed at SC'08 as building block for the Interactive Networks project of the University of Amsterdam.

November 20th, 2008 released

This again is mainly a bug-fix release, specifically for PipesFS. It also adds an interface for runtime modification of active filters.

October 15th, 2008

PipesFS broken in Use for now

Whoops. The latest release fixed regressions in sockets and pipes, but I apparently failed to test PipesFS. The new, more efficient, update mechanism proved so efficient that it never wakes up processes listening on PipesFS nodes. I will fix this in the next version (and start saving for an automated test setup). For now, please use the previous version

August 20th, 2008 released

This is mainly a bug-fix release. It bumps kernel support up to 2.6.26, fixes regressions down to 2.6.19, reduces signalling overhead (increasing small packet performance) and fixes a host of issues that resulted from switching to blocking as default stream behavior in 1.7.4. The socket, pipe and pcap interfaces have all been verified to work.

August 13th, 2008

Overview page updated

I updated the overview page and added an architecture picture, to (try to) explain the relationship between Streamline, PipesFS and Beltway Buffers.

August 13th, 2008

Pipesfs README

Documentation is lacking, especially for the new PipesFS interface. If you came here after reading the OS Review paper looking for more details, please have a look at the readme file in the SVN repository for now. Or, read the sourcecode itself. If you still have questions, contact us through the forum or mailing list.

August 11th, 2008

SVN compatible with Linux 2.6.26

Yesterday I spent an afternoon fixing build issues with Linux 2.6.26. Linux kernel interfaces had changed quite a bit since my last kernel ( Read the svn changelog for more details. I have not explicitly tested 2.6.25. Here, YMMV.

August 1st, 2008 released to fix critical install bug

This version fixes the bug discussed below. No new Ubuntu packages are needed, as they do not use Streamline's installation process.

July 9th, 2008

Critical bug in installation process, temporary work-around

In all recent versions, make install and make uninstall can lead to severe data loss if ./configure is passed parameters. For now, do not pass parameters to the script or do not install. I'll release a safe update ASAP.

July 9th, 2008

1.7.4 Released (

Today we released a major functional update of Streamline. Version 1.7.4 adds PipesFS: a Linux virtual filesystem for I/O. PipesFS presents kernel I/O operations as directories and exports live streams through Unix pipes. The FS allows users to quickly construct kernel tasks using the 40+ Streamline operations using mkdir, ln, etc. and to interact with kernel I/O using cat, grep, gzip, etc.

1.7.4 also updates our shared-memory version of Posix I/O: Beltway Buffers. Version 1.7.4 was used for application benchmarks (bind9, mplayer, tcpdump) and increases performance and Posix compliance over 1.7.3

Also new is support for Sun RPC (beta).

Finally, this is the first version that ships with precompiled distro packages. Download the sourcecode,
the i386 .deb file (for Ubuntu 8.04, kernel 2.6.24-19-virtual) or
the amd64 .deb file (for Ubuntu 8.04, kernel 2.6.24-19-generic).

July 8th, 2008

Status update

Since the last update I have benchmarked (and optimized) Streamline and implemented a new interface, Pipesfs, that fits in better with existing tools because it exports I/O through a virtual filesystem. As always, the bleeding edge is available from our subversion repository. I also plan to roll a new release within the week.

June 28th, 2008

Anonymous mailing list access & new forums

We were receiving too much spam on the mailing list. From now only emails from registered members will get through. Sorry for the inconvenience.

June 28th, 2008

LiveCD: Catapulta

With RC2, Streamline 1.7.3 binaries have been added to the Catapulta LiveCD. Catapulta is a Ubuntu derived distribution that bundles network-monitoring applications. It is the easiest and safest way to try out Streamline (and other tools, such as PF_RING).

Based on the .deb ubuntu packages created by the Catapulta team we will soon start making binary Streamline versions available for vanilla Ubuntu as well.

February 28th, 2008

New Release : Streamline 1.7.3

On March 25th we released version 1.7.3 of Streamline. Download the distribution or read the release notes first.

February 25th, 2008


(older stories went missing ...)

Are you a student interested in systems research? Streamline is a Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam research project. We're always looking for exceptional candidates for our Master's program.