This file serves as a top-level guide of what can be found in this repository. Please update it as needed. Specifically, add links to to documentation, sources, projects, etc. Make sure you understand the tree structure of the projects directory (update this if you change the structure). Feel free to add to or restructure this file.


Description Link to document(s) Link to code, etc. (if any)
All ixp documentation and source ./ixpprojects/doc/intro.html ./ixpprojects/src/
Cross-compilation cross-compiling.txt crosscomp dir/


IXP projects

You have been given accounts on the machines in the graduation room. There is also an IXP1200 here. If you need information about the IXP1200 (e.g. the book), come and see either Herbert Bos or Mihai Cristea.

Remember that various people are using the IXPs, so do not leave things in a bad state. The same holds for the nodes in DAS1. Currently several nodes are available for several IXP projects. Other nodes are reserved for SNAPSNMP and wireless projects. If more nodes are needed for your project, notify Herbert.