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Postal Address:
Dr J.A. Sanders
Vrije Universiteit
Faculteit Exacte Wetenschappen
Afdeling Wiskunde
De Boelelaan 1081a
1081 HV Amsterdam, The Netherlands
tel:       +31-20-598 7692
kamer: R3.39


Editor: Journal of Nonlinear Mathematical Physics[ JNMP]
Scholarpedia: Jan A. Sanders (2006) Averaging. Scholarpedia, 1(11):1760
Reviewed publications: [ AMS reviews]
Book: [ Averaging Methods]
Recent papers
Coupled cell networks and their hidden symmetries [pdf]
Amplified Hopf bifurcations in feed-forward networks [pdf]
Automorphic Lie Algebras with Dihedral Symmetry [pdf]
Coupled cell networks: semigroups, Lie algebras and normal forms [pdf]
Normal forms for Hopf-Zero singularities with nonconservative nonlinear part. [pdf]
On the computation of unique normal forms and quadratic convergence [pdf]
On the Classification of Automorphic Lie Algebras [ Open Access]
Integrable systems in symplectic geometry [pdf]
Number Theory and the Symmetry Classification of Integrable Systems [dvi, pdf]
Integrable Systems in Symplectic Geometry [dvi, pdf]
Stanley decomposition of the joint covariants of three quadratics [dvi, pdf]
Transvection and differential invariants of parametrized curves [dvi, pdf ]
A new transvectant algorithm for nilpotent normalforms [dvi, pdf]
Normal forms of 3 degree of freedom Hamiltonian systems at equilibrium in the resonant case [dvi, pdf]
Normal form in filtered Lie algebra representations [dvi, pdf, ps]
Symbolic Computation of Polynomial Conserved Densities, Generalized Symmetries, and Recursion Operators for Nonlinear Differential-Difference Equations [dvi, pdf]
Integrable Systems in n-dimensional conformal geometry [dvi], [pdf]
Integrable Systems in n-dimensional Riemannian Geometry [dvi, pdf]
A spectral sequence approach to normal forms [dvi, pdf]
Nonlocal symmetries for the CDIS equations [dvi, pdf]
Normal form theory and spectral sequences [dvi, pdf]
Ghost Symmetries [dvi, pdf]
On testing integrability [dvi, pdf]
On a family of operators and their Lie algebras [dvi, pdf]
Integrable systems in 3 dimensional Riemannian geometry [dvi, pdf]
On the Integrability of Systems of second order Evolution Equations with two Components [dvi, pdf]
Integrable Systems and their Recursion Operators [dvi, pdf]
On Recursion Operators [dvi, pdf]
On Integrability of Evolution Equations and Representation Theory [dvi, pdf]
Almost Integrable Evolution Equations [dvi, pdf]
The symbolic method and cosymmetry integrability of evolution equations [dvi, pdf]
Multilinear Hirota operators, modular forms and the Heisenberg algebra [dvi, pdf]
Classification of Symmetry-Integrable Evolution Equations [dvi, pdf]
On the Integrability of Non-Polynomial Scalar Evolution Equations [dvi, pdf]
On Integrability of Systems of Evolution Equations [dvi, pdf]
Transvectants, Modular Forms, and the Heisenberg Algebra [dvi, pdf]
One Symmetry Does Not Imply Integrability [dvi, pdf]
On the Integrability of Scalar Evolution Equations [dvi, pdf]
Hodge decomposition and conservation laws [dvi, pdf]
Hamiltonian structure of the reversible nonsemisimnple 1:1 resonance [pdf]

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