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Jan Top

Prof. dr. Jan L. Top
Vrije Universiteit
Faculty of Sciences
Computer Sciences - Business, Web and Media
De Boelelaan 1081
1081 HV Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Room: U3-56
Tel: +31 317 480212

Research - Sharing information and knowledge for food innovation

In food industry proper knowledge management is crucial for innovation of processes and products. Academic and industrial R&D organizations supply knowledge, but sharing and using research output is not quite optimal yet. Moreover, usually the link between general knowledge and specific, day-to-day experience is lacking. My research objective is to advance sharing of research output and lessons-learned and to enhance the effectiveness of experimental (food) research. Topics are e-science, development and application of ontologies (semantic technology) and data and model management. My main location is at Wageningen UR. We participate in the eFoodLab project, which aims at sharing data in food research. This project and Data2Semantics at VU are part of the COMMIT program, the largest ICT research program in the Netherlands.