International Workshop on Operator Theory and its Applications (IWOTA)

The IWOTA workshops bring together mathematicians and engineers working in operator theory and its applications to related fields, ranging from classical analysis, differential and integral equations, complex and harmonic analysis to mathematical physics, mathematical system and control theory, signal processing and numerical analysis. IWOTA gathers leading experts from all over the world for an intensive exchange of information and opinion, and for tracing the future developments in the field. Usually, in the even years, the IWOTA workshop is a satellite meeting to the biennial international symposium on the Mathematical Theory of Networks and Systems (MTNS). Proceedings of the IWOTA workshops appear in the book series Operator Theory: Advances and Applications (OT), Birkhäuser Verlag, Basel, Boston, Berlin.

IWOTA is directed by a Steering Committee which chooses the site for the next meeting and elects the chief local organizer(s). The sub-themes of an IWOTA workshop and the lecturers are chosen by the local organizing committee.

The IWOTA Steering Committee consists of

T. Ando (Sapporo), J.A. Ball - Vice President (Blacksburg), H. Bart (Rotterdam), T. Bhattacharyya (Bangalore), J. Behrndt (Graz), H. Bercovici (Bloomington), V. Bolotnikov (Williamsburg), R.E. Curto (Iowa City), A.F. Dos Santos (Lisbon), A. Dijksma (Groningen), M. Dritschel (Newcastle), R. Duduchava (Tbilisi), H. Dym (Rehovot), T. ter Elst (Auckland), K.-H. Foerster (Berlin), C. Foias (College Station), J.J. Grobler (Potchefstroom), G.J. Groenewald (Potchefstroom), J.W. Helton - Vice President (La Jolla), I.B. Jung (Seoul), M.A. Kaashoek - Vice President (Amsterdam), M. Klaus (Blacksburg), G. Knese (St. Louis), H. Langer (Vienna), W.Y. Lee (Seoul), C.V.M. van der Mee (Cagliari), R. Mennicken (Regensburg), A. Montes Rodriguez (Seville), N.K. Nikolskii (Bordeaux), V. Olshevsky (Storrs), P. Portal (Lille, temp. Canberra), D. Potapov (Sydney), A.C.M. Ran (Amsterdam), S. Seatzu (Cagliari), I. Spitkovsky (Williamsburg), G. Stampfli (Bloomington), C. Tretter - Vice President (Bern), C. Trunk (Ilmenau), N. Vasilevski (Mexico City), V. Vinnikov - Vice President (Beer-Sheva), H.J. Woerdeman - Vice President (Philadelphia), N. Young (Leeds).

The Vice Presidents form the Board of the Steering Committee. The Board governs IWOTA in consultation with the Steering Committee. M.A. Kaashoek serves as the chair of the Board.

For further information on the history of IWOTA and past and future IWOTA meetings see the Wikipedia web page: