M.Sc. in Parallel and Distributed Computer Systems

I am coordinating our M.Sc. programme in Parallel and Distributed Computer Systems (PDCS)

Video about PDCS masters in Amsterdam


Classes given

I am teaching the following classes at VU University:

  • Computer Graphics (fall)
    • This class will be discontinued in 2013.
  • Performance Analysis of Communication Networks (fall)
    • In 2013, this class will be thoroughly revised and will be renamed to Performance of Networked Systems. This class will move to the spring term, first time given in spring 2014.
  • Cluster and Grid Computing (spring)
    • In 2014, this class will be renamed to Large-Scale Computing Infrastructures, reflecting the many content updates it has undergone since its first incarnation in 2005.
  • Distributed Systems (fall)
    • In 2013, I will take over this class.

 Student projects

  • Master projects
  • For Bachelor projects, literature studies, programming projects, etc, please contact me by email.