Seminar Topics

The seminar is organized in several sessions, each of which having its own topic. Students are supposed to team up in groups of three. Each student gives a presentation of 20 minutes (plus questions) of his/her paper. It is up to the students to decide which group member is presenting which paper, and also the order of the three presentations. Together, the group is responsible for presenting the topic in a way that no big overlap between the talks occurs, and also that the class can follow the presentations by providing sufficient background. Using additional sources of information is highly appreciated.

Due to copyright restrictions, (most of) the following links to papers only work from machines within the VU campus network, based on the university library’s subscriptions.

  1. Volunteer computing and desktop grids
  2. MapReduce
  3. Programming (graph) data processing applications
  4. Load balancing
  5. Multi core, accelerators, GPU’s
  6. High-speed Data Transfer
  7. Infrastructure as a Service
  8. Storage for cloud systems
  9. Scheduling bags of tasks
  10. High-performance Computing in Clouds
  11. Cloud support for mobile applications
  12. Fault tolerance