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SemanticWeb@VU project

The idea is to make a "Semantic Web" of research information, like our publications, the projects we work for and the conferences that we attend. We start simple, with the structured information that we already have. Most notably this is our own list of publications in bibtex (or some other formalism). Each of us publish this at his own homepage, it will be transformed to RDF that complies to the OntoWeb portal ontology, it will be merged and finally it will be selectively published at several locations: our own homepage, project pages, etc. Moreover, there will be a SemanticWeb@VU portal page (e.g. semanticweb.vu.nl) that is nothing more than a dynamically generated page with recent publications, running projects, upcoming conferences etc. All items on this page will just link to the information that is already at our sites now.

The goal is twofold: (1) to have showcase for our ideas and techniques, and (2) to have a test bed for ontology-based / SW-based experiments.


The following tools are already available:


Experimental portals:




Minutes of meetings.

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