Research theme

My current research theme is the application of artificial intelligence techniques to support human functioning. Specifically, I focus on technology that support people in healthcare applications, such as intelligent self-management systems for chronic patients or support systems for people with mental disorders such as depression.

Past research

After my master Business Informatics in October 1996, I worked for two and a half year as a software engineer at the Leiden University Medical Center on a system for the classification and presentation of multi-media medical information.


I have written a PhD thesis on Change Management for Distributed Ontologies in the Business Informatics group (BI) department of the VU University Amsterdam.

Postdoc research

As a postdoc researcher, I worked on applying ontologies for information integration and retrieval, using Semantic Web techniques like RDF and OWL. I worked on two projects, one is the I-Catcher project, where we investigate the use of ontologies in intensive care units, and the other is the BEST project, where ontologies are used to support intelligent disclosure of case-law. More specific information can be found at the project homepage.

The research in both projects involved questions around aligning and integrating ontologies, splitting up ontologies in smaller modules, supporting the evolution of ontologies, and evaluating the benefits of ontological support in practice.

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